MDJRS VBC Mandatory Team Meeting Schedule

  • Sunday November 17, 5-7pm: 14EB, 14O, 15EB, 15EY, 15OB, 15OY, 17EB, & 14/13 Boys
  • Sunday November 17, 7:15-9pm 14EY, 15RY, 16EB, 16EY, 16RB, 16OY, 17EY, & 17O
  • Monday November 18, 6-8pm 14R, 15RB, 16OB,  16RY, 16RR, 17R and 17EY

MDJRS VBC Setter Clinic 

  • Time: 6-9pm on 11/19 Tuesday 
  • Where: MDJRS Sports Center
  • Who: setters on MDJRS  teams only
  • Instructor: Sean Liu and his assistants 

MDJRS VBC Mandatory Coaches Training Clinic

  • Time: 7-9 on 11/21, Thursday
  • Where: MDJRS Sports Center
  • Who: All coaches of MDJRS VBC
  • What: Fundamental training & drill demo
  • Speaker: Sean Liu