Congratulations to MDJRS county honored high school players

Ashlyn DUNLOP 18E 

  • 2015 VA 5A All-State First team
  • 2015 Washington Post All-Met Second team
  • 2015 VHSL 5A North All-Region First team
  • 2015 5A Conf. 14 1st Team


MDJRS Honored High School Players for 2014 - 2015 Season

Sarah Girard

Sarah Girard (18E)

Howard County Volleyball Player of the Year, All Metro First Team. 2014 AVCA/Max Preps All-American Honorable Mention.

Kristin Watson (18OB)

PG County Volleyball Player of the Year
 Tara Register  Tara Register (17EB)  All Metro Second Team, All AA County First Team
 Kiera Holtzclaw  Kiera Holtzclaw (16EB)  All AA County Second Team
 Brooke Hayden  Brooke Hayden (17EB)  All Frederick County First Team
 Maddy Belt  Mady Belt (18E)  All Metro First Team, All Howard County First Team
 Camryn Allen  Camryn Allen (16EB)  All Howard County First Team
 Rachael Girard  Rachel Girard(17EB)  All Howard County First Team
 Jane Kalinock  Jane Kalinock (18E)  All Howard County First Team
   Carmen Freeman (16EB)  All Howard County Second Team
 Catie Chervenak  Catie Chervenak (17EB)  All Howard County Second Team
 Julia Skibniewska  Julia Skibniewska (17EB)  All Howard County Second Team
 Barbara Kelley  Babara Kelly (17EB)  All Howard County Second Team
 Molly Meininger  Molly Meininer (17EB)  All Howard County Second Team
 Caloline Leng  Caroline Leng (16EB)  All Montgomery County First Team
 Kerra Tirado  Kerra Tirado (18E)  All Montgomery County First Team
 Lauren Martin  Lauren Martin (18E)  All Montgomery County Second Team
 Sara Chang  Sara Chang (18E)  All Montgomery County Second Team
 Anna Hickson  Anna Hickson (18OB)  All PG County First Team
 Valen Johnson  Valen Johnson (18E)  All PG County First Team
   Jailyn Ivey(16OS)  All PG County Second Team
 Monet Fountaine  Monet Fountaine (18OS)  All PG County Second Team
 Teni Sopitan  Teni Sopitan (18E)  All PG County Second Team
  Katie Dorn (16EY), Samantha Miller (16EB), Sarah Sweet (16EY), Lauren Madison (17EY), Raven Blount (18OS), Maya Takashima (16EB), Allia Mostafa (18OS)  Howard County honorable mentions
  Kira Hahn-Ventrell (18E), Ariella Roddriguez (17EB), Megan Wilson (16EB)  Montgomery County honorable mentions
  Mya Bass (16OS)  PG County  honorable mentions
  Amy Hagen (16EY)   Calvert County honorable mentions
  Caroline Kelly (17OB)   IAAM Volleyball "A" Conference All Conference Team